Ajay Ramachandran

Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Start-Up Advisor

As a serial entrepreneur, I've helped launch many start-ups that have raised several hundred million in venture funding. I've also successfully managed several exits and acquisitions. I am a Product, Sales & Marketing Leader with a strong background in fundraising, operations, engineering & technology. I've helped lead and manage growth from seed stage through IPO with P&L responsibility for $150m+ organizations. I enjoy leading teams and rolling up my sleeves too. I have been a CEO, Chief Product Officer, VP Sales & Business Development, CMO & CTO - so I know what it takes to hire great people, build successful teams and get the job done. As a former agency guy, I also have a lot of experiencing working with consumer and B2B brands on e-commerce, branding, corporate marketing and digital marketing. And, I've helped design & bring to market both enterprise applications, communities and consumer mobile apps for several leading brands such as Disney, MTV, Apple, Dell, etc. At the BootUp Accelerator, I work with early stage companies that need support getting more traction for their business and proving out key milestones so they can secure their next round of funding.