Christopher Hussain

#1 Mortgage Originator in US and Serial Entrepreneur

Christopher Hussain is the CEO and Founder of RealKey, a real estate and mortgage process management system that brings Realtors and Lenders together into one system to make buying a home and getting a mortgage simpler, no matter which lender or real estate agent you wish to work with. Prior to founding RealKey, Christopher co-founded Sindeo (a mortgage startup in San Francisco that is raising its Series B and has already raised ~$50m), and was the #1 Mortgage Originator in the US from 2010-11, having personally funded over $1b+ in loans in all 50 states (more than SoFi as a whole). Christopher spends his free time advising for numerous startups on growth hacking, marketing, and operations strategy. He is also a 4th degree instructor in Taekwondo and rare beer collector.