Christoph Sollich aka The Pitch Doctor

I'm The Pitch Doctor. I help startups pitch better. I've coached 1.000+ startups in the last 5 years.

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After starting off in advertising, I've worked in roles on all sides of the startup ecosystem for the last 9 years. Doing this, I learned about the perspectives and motivations of all players involved. And I did a lot of pitches. Which is why startups started asking me for help with their pitches. "The Pitch Doctor" was born. I focus on the content side of pitching. What's my strategy for the pitch? How do I tell my story in an engaging way? What facts and numbers do I need to convince investors, partners, customers etc.? No matter if you need a pitch deck to send around or a stage pitch for an event or you need to prepare for an investor meeting: The Pitch Doctor can help!


August 25, 2016

Christoph is really good !!