Jamie Skella

Designing user interface, technology, and business

Biased toward possibility, I've dedicated 15 years to innovation in interface, technology, and business. Design the future, don't just let it unfold. Find me on Twitter: twitter.com/JamieSkella Contact Light (Former Co-founder): I designed culture, process, technology and interface at Contact Light - the team behind an app featured by Apple five times named Embark. A cornerstone of Embark's functionality, I devised technology we call Nearcast: a licensable IoT service that lets consumers engage with digital out-of-home screen content – even as that content changes – simply by being in proximity. No tapping, no scanning, no short URLs. MiVote (Executive Board Member, Head of Technology): MiVote is redesigning democracy, enabling the public to vote on policy issues as they arise, not just for policy packages every few years. I'm helping MiVote devise a robust voting system based on blockchain, define their organisational structure, establish operational processes and tools, as well as provide design leadership for member experience. Laika (Former Advisor): Laika helps you discover adventure holidays, by recommending tours based on travel photos you like, or don't like. Driven by a sophisticated machine learning capability, Laika recognises objects, locations, times of day, seasons, and more from each photo. Laika then combines that understanding with other metadata to accurately gauge user interest and make meaningful recommendations. AFL (Former Head of UX): My practical and advisory influence at the AFL included digital product iteration, connected stadium visioning and bringing about the brand's first virtual reality R&D initiatives. Of broader organisational involvement, I collaborated with exec and strategy personnel on planning the AFL's 2017 digital media rights negotiation parameters. Kloud (Former Consultant): Internally at Kloud, I worked with business directors to set market position and develop brand, leading the establishment of a new user experience capability. Externally, I worked with blue chip clients on solutions to business process and interface problems. These clients included Coles, AGL and Telstra. Tatts Group (Former User Experience Director): Continuing the building of Tatts Group's online division, this change of title reflected the launching of a new team specifically assigned to user experience design and research. My time was split between team management, technology strategy and the co-design of founding interface deliverables.