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Three Essential Elements for Amazing Customer Experience

This list of CX essentials will guide your business in the right direction, impress your customers, and separate you from the competition.

Delivering a truly exceptional customer experience at all times can involve a lot of different factors and moving parts. Without the right foundation in place, it becomes a lot harder to grow and scale that experience over time. 

We’re absolutely focused on customer experience and are making this a reality for both our customers AND their customers using TABLE. With that in mind, we put together a list of essential elements that will no doubt come on the radar of every executive, sales, marketing, and service leader. 

This list may seem straightforward, but it requires a level of operational precision and focus that companies do not operate in today.  In order to make progress towards providing those amazing experiences, like the 81% of businesses who know they should, we recommend identifying the areas in your CX that need improvement first and start from there. 

Here are three elements that every brand should strive to achieve: 

1. Immediate answers


Offering customers immediate answers to their questions whenever they reach out is absolutely critical. The expectation for reply time is a blazing fast 10 minutes!  In addition to using chatbots to feed people answers to the most frequently asked questions around the clock, customer-focused businesses also weave in live chat technology to make sure there’s a living, breathing human around to help—for those times when more difficult or complicated issues arise that bots can’t solve on their own. 

Not yet using bots or live chat in your service stack?  Evaluate where in your customer journey you can introduce this scalable, personalized solution to help deliver faster answers. Hint: if you’re sending customers to a 1-800 number or a support@ email address, you’re not answering their questions fast enough.

2. Simple interactions


There’s nothing worse than having to jump between platforms or devices to get things done. Today’s customers expect their interactions with brands and businesses to be absolutely seamless. No one has time to waste, and customers no longer show loyalty when faced with a sub-par experience. This is why messaging platforms, in many ways, have become the new customer experience playground. A single interface now makes it possible for customers to do all sorts of things—from accessing product information to booking appointments (and everything in between)—all in one place.

Are you listening to customer feedback? They’ll be quick to tell you when you are overcomplicating your customer service. The feedback analysis may guide some long overdue decisions – like which channels can be improved and which should be eliminated.

3. Seamless communications


Having to repeat the same question over and over again is one of the most common frustrations customers have whenever dealing with customer service. A single thread of communication that seamlessly follows customers across multiple platforms and devices is quickly becoming the new gold standard for customer communications. Not only does this more synchronous communication simplify and streamline the customer experience, but it also, and perhaps more importantly, makes it easier for customer service reps to follow them along that omnichannel customer journey to provide more personalized service at every touchpoint. 

Businesses that have adopted CRM or CDP solutions have a headstart on capturing customer data, but it’s likely there still isn’t a seamless thread of communication for the customer’s benefit. Tools like TABLE are making a huge impact on the customer experience by bringing the benefits of centralized data to the customer conversation and not just your agent and manager dashboards.

The benefits of great CX are seen everywhere – from customer living rooms to executive boardrooms. The choice is yours whether your company is known for great service, or struggling to operate while competitors attract customers away from you. By addressing CX essentials now, you’re sure to stay on the right path and top of mind when customers are ready to buy again. 

Have a CX issue, or two, that needs solving? Our CX Managers would be glad to help you solve them.

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