Create Experiences Your Customers Will Love

TABLE’s customer experience management platform is designed to help businesses engage and captivate their customers. Create the perfect connection with collaboration, Bot Experiences, and appointment features in a single messenger interface that can be launched anytime, anywhere.

Your customers are on a journey, make it great

Don’t just communicate, collaborate. Utilize our suite of messaging tools, customize your own Bot, and seamlessly connect to different teams to provide an amazing customer experience every time.

Our secure platform makes it easy to be accessible across channels with Bot Experiences that can be placed in social media ads, email campaigns, and more. Our mobile apps and SDK allow your team to collaborate with customers on the go.

Allow leads and customers to schedule appointments with your team for demos, sales calls, consultations, support…or anything else! Your Bot will help people choose from your team’s available times and guide them through the booking process.

All The Tools You Need in One Platform

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Customize your personal automated digital marketer, sales rep, support team, or private concierge Bot. Not only will your Bot gather information from customers and route them to the right team member, but it will also help them schedule appointments, accept agreements, and enter payment information directly on the conversation stream.

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Build meaningful customer Experiences fulfilled by your Bot. Each Experience has a unique link which can be included in social media posts, email campaigns, QR codes on physical media, buttons on your website, or a live chat widget. Wherever they are engaging, your customers will have an incredible experience.

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Conversations take place on a secure messenger stream with chat, voice, video, screen sharing, and file-sharing options. Your team can utilize internal-only messages and canned responses, as well as inviting other team members or collaborators to join the conversation.

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Smart Live Chat
Add a Live Chat widget to your website to captivate new leads and provide support to existing customers. Our system recognizes return visitors and remembers their conversations, so there’s no need for them to repeat information. With one line of code, it’s easy to have it up and running in no time.

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Switching to voice, video, or screen sharing is simple. Everyone in the conversation stream can join a call started by a customer or team member. Turn on the screen-sharing feature for improved presentations or product demos.

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Allow your Bot to become your personal scheduling assistant. Leads and customers can book meetings with a specific team or person, so you’ll never miss another sales opportunity or a great support experience.

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Service Routing
A member can seamlessly hand off conversations to another team, so customers are always in touch with the right person. At any time, customers can request service right from the conversation stream.

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Multichannel Notifcations
When away from the conversation stream, both teams and customers can receive notifications on their preferred channel whether it’s through email, SMS, or chat integrations, so you’ll never miss a message.

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Outbound Campaigns
Initiate conversations with your contacts by segmenting and sending them relevant, targeted messages. Our Bot can even automate replies for you when contacts respond.

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Mobile Apps
Our iOS and Android mobile apps allow your teams to chat live, make voice and video calls, send canned responses, and trigger Experiences on the go.

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Stripe Integration
Our Stripe integration provides a seamless payment experience. Simply connect your Stripe account and your Bot will be able to facilitate payment processes with your customers right on the conversation stream.

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White Label 
Our platform is white labeled and easily customizable to fit your company. Upload your logo, choose a name for your Bot, and change the platform’s primary color to fit the look and feel of your brand.

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Mobile SDK
Create a seamless experience for your customers by embedding TABLE directly in your app with our mobile SDK. Integrate our live chat features natively for iOS and Android.

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Retail API
For our retail clients, we integrate with your product catalog so your customers can co-shop with their friends, family, or your product experts right on the conversation stream.

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Our platform has the highest level of security. All conversations including messaging, voice, and video data are encrypted at rest and in transit.

Ready to transform your customer experience?

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