Bots don't sleep because your customers follow their own timeline

Get your own automated 24/7 lead qualification sales rep, customer support team, and private concierge all wrapped up into one sleek bot, Zoe, that can be launched anywhere and rout to anyone when needed.

Give your customers solutions when, where, and how they need them

Our Experiences Manager allows you to easily program multiple, unique Customer Experiences (CXs) that can be triggered anywhere, from marketing on social media and emails, to customer support on your apps and physical products. Conversations are persistent on TABLE, so customers get context relevant Experiences along the entire journey, across channels and devices. Best of all, anyone can do it. You don’t have to be an engineer to create Experiences and it works out of the box!

Trigger appointment flows from anywhere

Your team may not always be available, so stop losing customers and wasting time by allowing our Bot, Zoe, to become your personal meeting scheduling assistant any time of the day or night. She can qualify customers and book the right support team member in seconds.

Your In-App-Chat needs to be smart

You don’t want your dream customer to have to tell their story over and over again. Support your mobile and web apps with an In-App-Chat that supports unique Customer Experiences, persistent conversations, and can notify their account owner.


Realize seamless handoffs to other team members

With TABLE any team member can invite another team or specific team member to a Table messenger conversation. Now you can advance leads through your funnel or connect existing customers with another team without switching channels and making them tell their stories over and over again. They'll thank you for it.

Most of your customers already prefer messaging

Create need-specific customer support experiences that can be placed anywhere with TABLE’s Experiences Manager and connect customers with the right team on a smart messenger that is persistent and you control and measure.

Solve problems quickly by switching to voice​

Everyone loves messaging, but sometimes your customers just need to talk to someone. With TABLE you can choose the best way to communicate with your customers, depending on their needs, without having to switch channels or re-authenticate them.

There is nothing like a face to face conversation, but video comes close

Seamlessly deepen your relationship with your customers and let them show you what they need without leaving the conversation.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, empower your customer support team with screen-sharing

Share your screen with the click of a button and show your customers what you mean no matter where they are.

Capture customers in the wild

Create unique TABLE Experiences and place QR codes at your stand, billboards, products, and any printed media. Let our Bot Zoe qualify your customer, automatically rout them to the right team, or book an appointment with the right team member.

It’s hard to improve what you can't measure

Manage and measure everything from your Admin Dashboard. Admins can create and manage Experiences, view team performance, sessions data, user interactions, calendars, analytics and more, right on their own dashboard.