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Time should not dictate when your clients can explore financial options, schedule with advisors, or facilitate loans. TABLE is a seamless platform that allows you to deliver world-class customer service through targeted experiences designed to deliver information or expertise on demand. We give you a powerful platform to reach out to both existing and potential clients, when and where they choose.

One size fits all is no longer viable in the financial world, and clients expect a seamless and catered experience. To accomplish this you need to have a responsive communication strategy with your clients. TABLE allows for a more personal touch and streamlined communication with each and every client giving you the power to build their wealth with them, not simply for them.

Understanding who your customer is just status quo, understanding where they are coming from is where true connection happens. TABLE's robust suite of tools allows you to increase client satisfaction while minimizing friction. Your clients can receive personalized support from an app, your site, an ad, or even in a branch, all through one seamless interface. Let us help you listen.

TABLE allows you to not only know your clients well, but to communicate with them at scale. You can anticipate their financial needs and be by their side through every major life event. Send outbounds tailored to their needs: new credit and loan options, investment strategies, and retirement plans with messaging customized to the individual or business. Be there before they even know they need you.

Financial experience trends

of incumbent financial institutions will increase their focus on internal innovations to boost customer retention in the next three to five years.


of fintech representatives said that differences in management and culture are the biggest barriers to integrating fintech business startups into traditional companies.


of people exclusively use digital channels for their financial needs.


of digital banking users in the U.S. prefer to use a live chat or chatbot to address issues.

Modernize your online services.

Financial institutions have been around for centuries, and some services look it. Today’s customers want modern, mobile-first fintech solutions at their fingertips. TABLE’s smart digital assistant is available 24/7 to guide customers, using simple and robust communication tools.

Keep customer info safe and secure.

Customers need to know that their financial information is protected. TABLE encrypts every conversation, message, and document at rest and in transit, so all communications are as secure as your vault. Customers can confidently sign agreements, get financial advice, and pay bills through this single secure interface.

Never interrupt the conversation again.

TABLE’s all-in-one interface delivers seamless customer service. From chatting with a digital assistant to comparing plans and beyond, everything happens in one unified thread. Now every interaction can pick up right where it left off.

Already have an app? Let us be your communication tool.

TABLE can seamlessly integrate with your current tech stack allowing you to build better communications on your current platform. From your app to your site, TABLE can make it easy for both you and your customer to have the discourse you need. No coding required.

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