How it Works

Based in Berkeley, California,
TABLE is building a trusted community marketplace that allows businesses to discover the experts they need, book time, and collaborate online.

Get Started


Sign up as expert

Set up profile page

You upload a photo and fill out your bio, areas of expertise, and per minute rate.

Who can book you

You set the rules of who can book you, for how much, and when.

We are here to help

From setting up your profile page, to understanding your responsibilities, our team is one click away.


Entrepreneurs find and book you

You'll get a booking request with a message from an entrepreneur

Review booking requests

You can review booking requests and select the ones you are interested in. Time is only blocked out when you accept a booking request.

Message entrepreneurs

You can message an entrepreneur via the app to get to know them and answer any basic questions.

Guaranteed payments

Entrepreneurs get pre-charged for their time slot, calculated based on your per-minute rate.


Provide service in the privacy of our platform

Chat, video-conference and screen-share from any device

Booking notifications

TABLE will notify both parties 24hrs and 1hr prior to an appointment via email and mobile push notifications.


Click on the link TABLE provides to connect with the entrepreneur. You can chat, make voice and video calls, file-share, and screen-share without giving your private information away.



TABLE handles all payments

How entrepreneurs pay

TABLE handles all of the payments so you never have to deal directly with money. Entrepreneurs get charged at booking.

How you get paid

At sign up, you will receive a bank account set up email with a link from Stripe, our payments processor. Your payment is automatically sent 48hrs after the service is provided.


Setting up your profile on TABLE is free. We take a 15% service fee on each booking.

What to charge

What you charge is up to you. Experts select a rate based on their level of expertise and the value they provide.