Specs and Reqs - TABLE CX

Specs and Reqs

June 1, 2019
TABLE Requirements and Recommendations


Minimum Supported:
Chrome version 63 or higher;
Firefox version 60 or higher,
Safari version 11 or higher,
Edge version 17 or higher,
iOS version 11 or higher;
Android version 63 or higher.

Chrome or Firefox.

Servers: (N.b., Most probable that we’ll take care of this for a customer)

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or higher,
1x 2GB memory, 2vCPU cloud server or similar (AWS EC2 t3.small or equivalent),
1x 2GB memory, 1vCPU cloud server or similar (AWS EC2 t2.small or equivalent),
1 Instance of Redis-server version 5.0.2 or higher,
1 instance of PostgreSQL version 10 or higher.

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