Customer Experience Video Library

Hang out, relax, and dig right in to our video library covering customer experience, the TABLE product, and our latest features as they go live. Okay… maybe it’s not binge-worthy yet, but we’re working on it 🙂   

TABLE Tuesday Webinar Series


How Marketing Can Create Amazing First Customer Experiences

Part 1 of our Start the Customer Journey with CX Series, Lindsay Rios and Ryan Crosbie cover the many ways Marketing has a huge impact in the Customer Experience.
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Product Updates and New Features


June 29th

  • Unpublished Experiences
  • PDF Viewer in Conversations
  • A ‘Back’ button for Multiple Choice questions
  • List Attributes in Customer Profiles
  • Agent Performance Reporting

June 18th

  • Mapping responses to attributes
  • Helpful updates for managing experiences
  • The all-new Reporting section
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